Our Team

SAM-LAB is a team of designers and writers who work collaboratively from home offices across North America. Our goal is to work as an extension of our clients’ teams and build tight relationships as creative consultants.

Designers and writers are matched with clients and projects based on their skillsets and expertise. Some of our team members are masters in powerpoint. Others have a knack for infographics and illustration. Everyone brings their professionalism and hard work to the table on each and every project—large or small.

Alex Nadeau
Graphic Designer
Alexis Street
Senior Project Manager
Amanda Blackmore
Chief Creative Officer
Becky Allen
Lead Designer
Dana Trentlage
Lead Designer
Emily Kleine
Lead Designer
Holly Mistely
Lead Designer
Jeff Till
Chief Executive Officer
Jordan Love
Creative Director
Josh Weser
Creative Director
Josie Cousineau
KeyAnna Scott
Lead Designer
Michael Karaman
Motion Graphics & Video Designer
Natalie Cook
Quality Control Manager
Nick Olivotto
Creative Director
Paris McKeown
Creative Director
Peter Markiw
Graphic Designer
Ross Jewell
Content Lead
Sadaf Sarwar
Sarah Baumgarden
Project Manager
Stephanie Ly
Project Manager
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You all are AMAZING! We are so thankful to be able to work together. We all consider you our greatest partner. You provide such great quality work, beautiful design, and such an eye for detail to ensure everything goes so smoothly. I cannot thank you enough for all the hard work you’ve done...the event was a success and a HUGE part was because of you!
– Lead Project Manager, Social Media Company


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